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Featured Club The longbar - Owner Interview

Posted by on in MyBlog
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The City's Chat Featured Club 


Meet The Owner



How did you get started being an Entrepreneur?

I started at the bottom of the bar business, I started as a dish washer, moved to busser moved to head waiter, moved to bar back, moved to bartender, then to bar manager, then assistant manager, then general manager, director of operations, and then I bought a club in South padre. That club did well, then I bought Bermudas down the street from Long Bar. That did well and now I am here as the owner of Long Bar


How long have you been in the club business?

 I have been doing this since 77. I am currently 52. I also owned a club in Tucson Arizona which was a rock and roll club that was a live venue 2 blocks from the University of Arizona. It was a blast, then I came down and consulted for far west rodeo which is now cowboys. Once I took that job I sold my other club in Tucson and moved back to San Antonio. That was how I started being an entrepreneur and I decided to get my own club LONGBAR!!





What are the challenges of owning your own club?

You have financial, Employees, Customers, it’s a challenge to keep a steady crowd, and also to keep up with the market; also keep up with the social media all those aspects and you also have to worry about hiring a good trust worthy honest employee. Paying the taxes is hard the Gov’t wants 14 percent of every dollar. In other words they are your 14% gross partner then you also have property taxes ETC.


What words of advice do you have for anyone that wants to open a club?

You have to work hard, you have to put the time in if you don’t put the time in its not going to work for you. You have to know your business and know it extremely well


 Would you advise anyone to get into the club business?

Don’t do it RUN!! It’s a hard business. I do it because this is what I know. I worked my way through college. I started off when I was 17 dish washing so its what I know and what I enjoy.I try to talk most people into not getting in the business or buying into this business. Its not that I don’t want the competition its just a really tough business to be in. The problem is a lot of people get in this business and don’t know exactly what they are doing. They hire someone because they want to be the man. Well they hire someone and there are only a few people out there that have perfected the art of being a club owner, and what they do is hire someone that isn't that good. The owner also makes the mistake of not taking care of those particular people that helped his club be successful. At that point people leave and the owner is stuck with a bar that he doesn't know how to run. BOOM!!!! 200- 300,000 down the drain. It’s a rough one so if you don’t know what your doing; I would say STAY AWAY!!! I have seen people lose a lot of money in this business; but I have also seen people make a lot of money in this business



Check out a video of The LongBar below


Produced by HAUS OF LIFE



What are your hobbies?

I am getting older; I use to play racquetball a lot and ski. Now that I am older I am more into my wife and dogs. I don’t have kids so I am more into my animals. I sometimes go to the lake to water ski south padre I am more into the relax mode now


What drives and motivates you to succeed?

Success is fun, it’s a Thrill it’s a ride. Success is what you are. To me everybody has a different meaning as to what success is. Money isn't success, but to take a club that is going down hill and has been going down hill for the last 6 months, taking it over at 34,000 and building it to 61,000 that is success. Watching your club build and watching the people have a great time and being safe. There are no fights at my club and no extra drama; I have a smaller club that is easy to control. The bigger clubs are harder to control and your going to have more of a diverse crowd and they will have problems at times. But success within its self is a motivator. Money also comes with success that is the monetary reward for your success depending on where you want to be. Some people need more money some people need less. Unfortunately the world is gauged around monetary before it has to work. Work was the most important thing to me. I ended up getting divorced because I didn't split my time up. You have to have a personal life and you have to have a work life. You have to learn because us business owners work an average of 60 to 70 hours a week, while the normal person usually works 40 hours a week. We put in so much time so the time you do have off you need to budget it for the other person if you was to be with someone. Most entrepreneurs don’t learn to budget there time and end up alone. Anyone reading that will understand the aspect of learning to budget time putting 70 hours here and sleeping at home not putting time into the a family.






What are your favorite things to do in San Antonio?

I’m a restaurant guy, I like to go out to eat. When I go to a new restaurant that’s my thrill. I like wine because I have been drinking for so long. Imagine getting hammered on a specific alcohol drink for awhile, well I have drunk it all in my 36 years of partying so now its wine. Its like my passage of different alcohols


What are the common mistakes you see people make when trying to get to know the opposite sex?

The one thing I see the women doing know a days are the different dances. The sexual suggestively of how they are dancing. To me it wouldn’t attract me if a girl was looking for something long term. It doesn’t attract most guy for something long term it suggest they have the short term mentality. Its sad to see that some people need the attention like that. But what’s good for some isn’t good for me so it depends on the personality


What do you consider a great date?

Someone that pays attention. Someone that is interested in who you are and what you are and what you do because those are the things that create a great conversation. When I was younger it was all about looks that is what we all do, of coarse that’s your firs attraction; everyone has there own level of attraction but that’s usually a persons first instinct. When you are younger you feel that’s what you need to have with you at all times and as you get older those types of things very. What becomes more important is the companionship If the person is genuine. Being in the business it may sound arrogant but it is a fact. When you are running a club everyone wants to know you because you can buy them drink, you can get them through the door, you can do those things so your surrounded by that and you sometimes get lost in that. In the 80’s I was the man and I had a party around me at all times. I just wanted to be surrounded by beautiful people and as I got older every one of those people hurt me in some way or fashion. So as you go through life you start learning these things as you get older it goes back to what you do or what you consider a great date it should be all about the person. You have got to have a physical attraction but the mental attraction is your long term stimulation





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